ActionPix is a leader in field of sports photography

ActionPix is a leader in field of sports photography. We cover figure skating completions across Ontario.

The ActionPix Team has spent years pioneering techniques and testing the latest professional image capture, networking, and file server technology, in a fast-paced ice sports environment. We use high-speed cameras to capture all the sequences of your skater’s routines. Some of which you may miss.

The ActionPix Team has the second best seat in the house. We are positioned near the Judges at the edge of the ice. From here we have a close and direct view of the routines.

Our photographers are talented. Our photos and videos capture your athletes skills and the emotion of their performance. We record all action.

Visit our the ActionPix Booth during and after the competition. Review your skaters performance via our laptops. You will see a video of each routine and 30 to 60 photos.

We capture the best images you will see.

ActionPix Figure Skating Photo Samples

If you wish to purchase photos and or videos, we offer discounts before a competition and fast order processing.

Take the high-resolution files home on a DVD or USB Stick. Your orders are usually ready immediately after the Awards Ceremony.

We do our best because we know you have worked hard to make it to the event.

Good luck with the skate.