This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) covers the most asked questions put to the ActionPix Team

Where is the ActionPix Office located?

The ActionPix office is located in Toronto, Ontario. We are an Ontario Gymnastics Federation supplier and cover competitions across Canada. In addition to our work in the sport, we provide professional photography and video services to many businesses and event organizations.

What are your office hours? How do I reach the office?

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Please consult our event coverage schedule, as we spend many weekends on the road and we may not be in the office immediately prior to or after an event. The most effective way to reach the ActionPix office is via the Contact Us Form on our website.

How many Gymnastics Competitions do you cover?

We regularly cover between 15 and 20 events each year.  Our schedule has been greatly impacted by the COVID Pandemic. In addition to competitions, ActionPix can be booked to shoot your Club or Team photos. If you are interested in having the ActionPix Team at your local competition, or ask your Club to contact the ActionPix Manager.

What events will the ActionPix Team be covering this year?

Please visit the ActionPix Gymnastics Schedule Page on our website to determine if we are covering an event. The page is updated frequently. If ActionPix is scheduled to be at an event, an additional announcement is made in the Ontario Gymnastics ‘Call to Meet’ mail-out.

How do I order photos and videos of my athlete? NEW for 2022

There are now 3 ways to order:
1) Online via our website prior the competition (The Early-Bird pre-book price is your best value). Pre-booked orders will be processed at the venue, and the USB Stick will be available for pick up.  Orders are usually ready after the Awards Ceremony.

2) At the ActionPix Sales Booth during the Event Weekend. Orders will be completed and places on a USB Stick.  Prders will be available for pick up after the Awards Ceremony. Please include personal email address when ordering. Alternatively an email can be sent with a unique link to your email address. Click the link and follow the download instructions. Download the images and or video files to your phone, device, or computer. Please create a DVD Disk or back up the files on a USB stick.

3) If you are unable to attend the event parents can contact ActionPix to view their athlete’s photos thumbnails online. Use the Gallery Request Item in our Shop to start the process. The Admin Fee charged to create a Gallery is deducted from your After Event Weekend Order. Once your order is processed an email will be sent with a Unique Link to your email address. Click the link and follow the download instructions. Download the images and or video files to your phone, device or computer. Please create a DVD Disk or back up the files on a USB stick.

What is the cost of photos and videos?

Please refer to our Gymnastics Coverage Price Page on our website for information. We have packages and options. Purchasing online prior to the event, ie Pre-Booking at the Early-Bird price, is your best value.

We cover all the athletes competing, so you may purchase any time during or after the event.

How do I get the lowest possible price?

To get the best price take advantage of our Early-Bird, pre-booking, pricing. We offer this only on our website store prior to the start of each gymnastics competition. This discount ends two-days before an event.

What kind of methods of payment does ActionPix accept?

ActionPix Online Store: Credit Cards.
ActionPix Sales Booth: Debit, Credit Cards or Cash

I would like to archive my files on a DVD Disk. What can I do?

ActionPix provides a USB stick with files or WeTransfer download link to access the high resolution images or videos. Once downloaded, transfer the files to a computer with a DVD drive or USB stick and create a back up copy.  ActionpPix is not responsible for the data on your device. Please back up your images and videos as soon as possible.

I pre-booked for my athlete to be covered. When do I receive my photos and videos?

Our goal is to have your order ready immediately after the competition Award Ceremony is completed. Pre-booked orders and Sales Booth Orders will be processed at the venue, . If we miss you, the USB stick will be given to your coach to bring back to your home club. If all the coaches leave before the orders are processed, ActionPix will courier the USB keys to your club on Monday after the event.

Do you have a discount program for multiple event purchases?

ActionPix covers a limited selection of competitions in very different areas of Ontario. Since we do not cover every competition, we cannot offer a blanket discount rate for photo and video coverage.

Do you have a discount program for multiple athletes from the same family at a competition?

Yes, ActionPix does provide a discount for multiple family members participating in the same competition. Check the options in our Shop for Discount Prices.

It was very busy at the ActionPix Sales Booth, what was happening now? Have COVID-19 restrictions affected your Sales Area?

The ActionPix Sales Booth was an exciting place to be. Parents, athletes, family, and friends, were viewing photos and videos of the completion on the provided laptop computers. Files are updated after every rotation. We capture 100s of high resolution photos of each athlete. ActionPix video files are similar to what the Competition Judges see.

There may be an issue with my order. I don’t seen anything. What should I do?

Please contact AxtionPix and ask the staff recheck the files and verify your files. Use the Contact Us Form on the website for the fastest response.

How can I contact ActionPix during an event?

During a competition weekend we are very busy so the most effective way to contact ActionPix is by using the Contact Us Form. Use the Contact Us Form on our website so we have a set of background information on record to check on your order. Please allow us time for a reply. We are covering the event and can only check email during the down time between event sessions.

How do I view and purchase after an event? Can I see the photos and videos online?

We can, with the permission of a parent, create a private individual-athlete low resolution Image Gallery on our website. ActionPix charges a non-refundable fee to cover the cost of organizing the photo image-gallery online. This fee is deducted from the total of your Post Event Order, if you purchase after reviewing the galleries. The cost of the photos and videos are listed at the ActionPix Post Event Price.

We cannot provide previews of videos. Both photos and videos are available for purchase after the event. We do have them on file.

Can ActionPix track down images and videos from past events?

ActionPix takes hundreds of thousands of photos during each and every event. There are costs associated with storing these photos and videos files for an extended period of time. We may have photos and videos from past events from previous years. A per-year archive fee will be charged for the search and the retrieving images from past events.

Why are my photos displaying sideways?

Many of ActionPix photographs are taken in a portrait or vertical orientation. There is a position tag embedded in the images that allows modern Image Browsers to display the photographs in their proper orientation. If the images are viewed via older Windows Picture Software, Fax Viewer or on a TV, DVD Player, or other device besides a computer, they may be displayed sideways. To rotate photos, copy the photos to the hard drive of a computer. You can then rotate, edit and save the changes using Image Viewing Software. A DVD is a locked storage device, you cannot save your changes to the original disk.

What software do you recommend to view images?

If you don’t have an Image Browser on your computer, ActionPix recommends the following free Photo Viewing programs to view your images galleries: PhotoScape, IrfanView. You can also use any photo aware program that came with your computer or digital camera to view the photos.

The video does not play smoothly. What can I do?

If ActionPix Videos do not play smoothly on your computer, please try the following:
1) Insert the USB key into your computer. 2) Navigate to the directory or folder on the USB stick, and copy the video files to a new folder on your computer’s hard drive or desktop. 3) Play the video files from there.

If the video file can’t be opened or if they still do not play smoothly, download and install VLC Media Player to your computer. VLC Media Player may be included on your USB key in the ‘Please Read’ Folder. Drag the video files into the VLC Playlist or onto the VLC icon. The video files should now play correctly.

The ActionPix videos not work in my older DVD Player. What do I do?

ActionPix supplies high-resolution JPG photo files and high-definition MP4 video files. Although you may be able to see files listed on older DVD Players, you may not be able to access the photo or video files on player. The MP4 video files will play on a computer and on any Smart Phone or Tablet, Media Player, Blue Ray Player, and Game Console. The MP4 video file format is not compatible with older DVD players. We clearly indicate this on our Video Order Form. See below for instruction to create an Encoded DVD.

How do I get a video disk that will play in a older DVD player?

To watch the videos on a older DVD player attached to a TV, the MP4 files need to be re-encoded into the DVD Player Format. ActionPix can encode a DVD. There is a small charge for this service. See below for instruction to create an Encoded DVD.

How can I encode a DVD myself?

Yes, you can easily encode the MP4 video files to play on an older DVD player. You will need to convert and encode the files using DVD Burner Software and ‘burn’ a new DVD in DVD Player Format. Many programs are available for free and you may already have the software if your computer was shipped with a DVD Burner. Roxio or Nero are examples.
Basic Instructions:
1) Copy the ActionPix MP4 files on to your computer’s hard disk.
2) Set the software program to burn a playable video disk and add the selected MP4 video files.
3) Insert a new blank DVD into your DVD drive and start the recording, ie burn-in, process.
4) Once the program has finished its task, the new DVD will play on older DVD players.
Note, making an encoded DVD reduces quality of the files and locks the new encoded DVD. For any editing. please keep the ActionPix MP4 files on the original USB for future use, as these are high-resolution files and can be imported into video editing software.

Do you guarantee your work?

Customer service is a top priority for ActionPix. We strive to deliver outstanding customer service. If you have ordered a photo and video package and your athlete does not perform as expected, or you are not satisfied with our service, ActionPix offers a money back guarantee.

We cannot offer a full refund and will only provide an exchange for administrative errors.

We will also provide partial refunds if key files are missing due to technical reasons.

Please note due to the speed and nature of gymnastics we cannot guarantee we can capture a photograph of every move of your athlete on every apparatus. Some images may be out of focus or capture the back of an athletes. Our videos capture the entire routine and capture every move.