ActionPix for Gymnastic Clubs and Sports Organisations

Join ActionPix Photography and Video in supporting over 40 industry expert presenters at MGIO Resilience 2020. This innovative cloud conference aims to unite the gymnastic community online. With a theme of resilience, the conference will strive to bring a sense of normality, hope, and assistance, to owners, coaches, parents, and athletes

OUR Innovative Products and Services for Gymnastic Clubs and Organizations

Watch: ActionPix supplies engaging action oriented visual content (1:06)

ActionPix Photography and Video can supply engaging action oriented visual content for your website, Social Media pages and YouTube channel.

We also take creative individual photos of athletes, teams, staff, volunteers, and seminar participants.

ActionPix helps you engage your club community, build your client base, and strengthen your relationships with sponsors and funders.


Watch: ActionPix provides live multi-camera coverage, video library services and live-streaming (1:19)

Actionpix Photography and Video can provide high-quality live streaming of gymnastics competitions and other club events. Our live multi-camera coverage can follow athletes simultaneously on different apparatus.

In addition to sports events ActionPix can provide online video library services and live-streaming coverage for training sessions, seminars, and conferences. Our multi-camera can capture speakers, panel sessions, slides and PowerPoint presentations, video replays, interviews, Q/A sessions, and more.

ActionPix helps you reach a broader audience, increase the effectiveness of your programs, and strengthen your relationships with conference speakers and sponsors.


Watch: ActionPix is your choice for all your club’s photography and videography needs (2:06)

ActionPix is your choice for all your club’s photography and videography needs. We have supported the Ontario Gymnastics Community since 2008.

Thousands of families have purchased professional quality photos and videos of their athletes competing at club invitationals, qualifiers, and championships. Many athletes have purchased packages to support their scholarship applications.

As an accredited supplier, Head Judges regularly access and review ActionPix video coverage on the competition floor to help adjudicate official protests during Provincial Competitions. And we regularly supply videos for training and refresher courses for judges and coaches.

During your event, we will have all of our coverage available for participants to review and purchase at our Vendor Booth by the end of each session.

ActionPix helps your clients, teams, coaches and staff, meet and succeed expectations through self-learning, e-learning, and off-site training. ActionPix provides the means to ensure your programs are more effective and importantly, cost-effective.

Warren Liebman, ActionPix Manager