You can Order early, before, during, after, or well after an event

You can Order early, before, during, after, or well after an event.

If you order ActionPix photos and videos of your athlete early, prior to the event weekend via the ActionPix Online Store, you receive an Early-Bird Price. This is your best value. We provide this incentive as it reduces the line-up at the ActionPix Booth during the event. The Early-Bird order window closes 2-days prior to an event.

When you arrive on the day of the event, you can order photos and videos of your athlete before their competition starts. We provide a Pre-Book Day of Event Discount if you do. Contact the ActionPix Staff at the sales booth and they will process your order.

Please note we only accept debit-cards and cash at events.

You may see an ActionPix representative in the stands during the warm-up period prior to a competition. This is the last-call for our Pre-Book, Day of Event, Discount.

You may, of course, order photos and videos of your athlete at any time during or after their competition or later during the weekend of the event.. Take some time to pre-view your athlete’s images and videos after every rotation.

Visit the ActionPix Booth. You will see some great photos. You will see things you missed. There will be photos and videos of your athlete’s competition.

Please note generally due to the low level of lighting and space limitations in smaller gymnastics clubs or venues, we only capture the vault during Tour Selections and Finals. Men’s coverage will vary due to the layout of the competition floor.

ActionPix will provide all the photos and videos we capture. All the images are in high resolution. The videos are high definition.

Once your Athlete’s competition begins, ActionPix Regular Price applies for the packages ordered. Contact the ActionPix Staff at the sales booth to have your order processed. We accept debit cards and cash.

We hold all the photos and videos at ActionPix Booth for entire event weekend.

You may order photos and videos of your athlete well after the event has ended. ActionPix attempts to archive past events. After an e-mail inquiry, we will create low-resolution Individual Athlete Web Gallery of thumbnail images for you to approve. An Administrative Fee applies. You can request a Web Gallery by sending an Inquiry using the Contact Us Form on our Website.

If you decide to purchase images, you pay by credit card. Once your payment is approved, you will be redirected to a download page from where you can may download the high-resolution images and or videos directly to your computer or smart device. If you do purchase via a web-gallery, we deduct the Administrative Fee from your order total. The photos and videos are listed at the regular ActionPix Price.

Unfortunately, we have no means of providing video previews. They are available for purchase.

Please note: We honour Parent’s requests only. A call-back and identification system is in place to ensure security.